It’s been hard writing these days. Weekdays are filled with working from home, homeschooling and the weird quarantine life. It’s hard to hear how this is a pandemic worth finding a cure for when over 660,000 people die from cancer each year in the USA alone and we are no closer to finding a cure. It’s like saying we don’t matter. Now I know this isn’t the case (maybe?) but I’m sure you can understand why this makes me angry. But now is not the time to focus on anger…in my world and in the world of my husband and child we have a lot to be happy about. And even more to be grateful for.

For starters, I get to work from home. I’m home. With my love and our son. I can still provide only now I’m home in time for dinner. Another silver lining…I get to be a part of Es schooling. In a perfect world I’d ditch work and focus only on homeschooling. But hey, life is perfectly imperfect. Now homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. We’ve had more tears than cheers. But now as we enter our last week, we have a groove and E is excelling in areas he hated. How lucky am I that I got to watch my son learn and was a part of that?

Our big news…new meds are working with very little side effucks. I’m no longer in constant pain, depression and bloating are under control. I have a desire to be outside, walk with my husband and am overall happier. Depression sucks when you are an overly happy person! In addition my markers dropped. A lot. We are hoping this trend continues. My Dr is shocked how little side effucks have occurred. I’ve been taking coconut oil bathes, drinking lots of H2O and of course my CBD is a daily routine. Really praying this course of treatment lasts a few years. With or without side effucks. I just want to be present in my life, my marriage and my parenting.

Finally, they are raising our Stay at Home here in Wisconsin. Wisconsin like me is staging a comeback. It’s been a rough few months but here we come. We are opening windows and doors, embracing life, and reaching back out to those we love. To quote one of my favorite movies, The Crow, “It can’t rain all the time.” It’s time to let the sun shine. It’s time for a comeback.

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  1. I’m so glad this drug is working! How did I miss you are from Wisconsin?

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  2. Vrye says:

    Moved to Wisconsin when I was 5. I’m a wisco girl through and through! You are from Wisconsin aren’t you?


  3. Tonya Mansavage says:

    Best thing I’ve read lately (news, fakebook boring updates, work junk, etc.) –beautifully written and makes so much sense. I guess I never thought about the feelings of those who have serious conditions and how it seems that *nothing* is getting done about helping those (finding cures, creating vaccines and such) So thank you for changing my view on this current pandemic when there are so many others suffering &/or dying every single day. I love you, Ginia!


  4. Vrye says:

    I love you. Thank you for the years of friendship.


  5. Ilene says:

    I know exactly how you feel. If this is a pandemic – a virus that Will naturally run its course by next summer – then what is cancer? No one dare call it what it is because 95.% is environmentally caused- what would happen to the global economy if anyone knew the truth.

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  6. Vrye says:

    And how would big pharma survive without it’s biggest money maker?


  7. Born and raised! 😊

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