Measuring Cancer


“The truth about life and lie about life is not measured by others but by your intuition, which never lies.“ Santosh Kalwar

In today’s world one can’t walk down the street without encountering someone who is battling cancer, won the war on cancer or lost a loved one to cancer. It’s everywhere. In a sense cancer, that dirty whore, has infected us all. And as with everything as humans we measure our experiences against another.

I’m here to stay stop. My journey is very different than the next. It’s no worse than the next. What each of you have experienced is just as fucked up, just as difficult and just as traumatic. Don’t sell your journey short.

I received a message this week from a strong cancer warrior that I haven’t spoke to since college. She fought and beat cancer a number of years ago. As a mother, I’m sure she had the same fears I have each day of what happens if I’m not there to hug my son. She measured her journey against mine in a sense…downplaying her fears, sadness and anxiety against all I am going through. And there is no comparison. Her journey was just as fear filled as mine. And mine is just as fear filled as hers was.

I think there is a measure of guilt for survivors at the same time as a breath of relief. For you survivors…good on you! Don’t feel guilt and never feel your journey was “lucky” or less than your fellow cancer warriors. You are our hope. Our inspiration. And our tribe.

And there is no measurement to compare you against. Fight on fighters and survivors.

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  1. Randi says:

    You’re so right–about all of it!! Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vrye says:

    Never discount your journey and all you have done. Go on with your bad ass self! ♥️


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