The sword

I want to runaway. Not because I don’t love you. Because I do. More than life

I don’t want you to see me fall apart. To watch the pieces you once admired disappear.

Like sand. Dust to dust.

To watch the wrinkles of smiles turn to scars of pain. To watch your smiles turn to grimaces.

Pity. Don’t.

I want to run away. Where you don’t call me sweetheart when I know your world is anything but sweet. Because of me. Because of my disease.

I want to save you. Save me. Hug you. Make love to you. Anything to feel alive. When I know I’m dying. Selfish.

Scream fuck this from every corner of the world and then show you pieces of Paris.

I don’t want this for you…I want to give you freedom from me and this disease….yet can’t live without you. The double edged sword of love with cancer.

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