The Kitchen Drawer


I’ve had a week to ponder the events that unfolded, the conversations had, and the friends made. And when Chris asks me for the 4th time why I feel so good after chemo this week, I can only assume it’s because of these things.

Sunday my soul sister from NY rolled in. Mary, yes the tourist of humanity, was at an event spreading even More Good and took the drive up to spend the night with us. In 2019 Mary first pulled in with her Mom’s Subaru and we had only a few hours to get to know each other. Over the last two years we have shared texts, a few calls and sent countless prayers to each other on the universe’s winds. This visit we got double the time. It’s been a rough few years for us both. Sickness, sadness, and self doubt. But as Mary has told me time and time again, you can’t have More Good without the not so good. Over pasta, wine and a bread we took a dive into our heartaches and incredible resilience over the age of the pandemic.

Wednesday rolled around like any other mid week day. Chris invited Tony, Emily and their daughter over for a visit. This was my first time meeting them and Chris’s second. Their cabin is featured the video from the blog entry of For the love of Family. A power higher than we can imagine brought us all together. The night was exactly what I needed after a day of work. Calm, common ground, laughter and new stories. In a world where humanity is fading, Emily and her family brought it in wave after wave. And all thanks to a cabin. Emily has been all over the world and has had to make some tough choices over this last year. And yet before me stood a woman of grace, a mother and wife. And now a friend.

Saturday my Maddy stopped by. Maddy and I worked together at my previous employer. Technically she was my employee but I think it’s safe to say she taught me just as much or more than I taught her. She’s an Aquarius to my Taurus yet we are similar in many ways. We wear our feelings in our eyes. We love fiercely. And our connection to the earth is something we can’t live without. She lights up like a yooper rock when she talks of her son, her love and the call of a hiking trail.

Why these three ladies? Each so strong in their own way. Because as I pulled out my kitchen drawer for each visit I was reminded of them and me. You see, I don’t use dividers in my silverware drawer. You can’t tell from the outside of the beautiful wooden drawer that there is a chaotic mess of spoons, knives, forks and chopsticks. From the outside you can’t imagine what that drawer holds. You would guess it was tidy. But you’d be wrong. It’s a whole lot of crazy yet each piece in that drawer serves a purpose. Just like that kitchen drawer, we are filled maybe not conventionally but filled none the less with tools to honor a mother’s beautiful heart, tools to teach a daughter what a strong woman can accomplish, tools to love even in the midst of a hurricane and tools to continue to battle a deadly disease.

So open up that messy kitchen drawer. And let others see the chaos inside for they too might see the beauty that truly lays within.

My Mary

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